Business Name: Cloudsurf Asia Simulations
Registered under CLOUDSURF ASIA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES with DTI registration No. 2141804
Business Level:
Email: [email protected]
Official Facebook Page:
Location: Philippines/Singapore
Operations: Worldwide

General FAQ

How do I get support?

Do you provide refund?

  • We typically do not provide refund should you want to due the nature of digital download products. But we provide refunds to special circumstances like duplicate purchase & other situations where it makes sense for a refund.
  • We do not provide refund to technical issues unless all possible solutions are depleted by our support team and order is not older than 7 Days. Scenario will always depend case to case.

Where do I download my purchased products?

  • You can download your purchased products from the store you bought it. Please only buy products from our store and legit partners. (SIMMARKET, MICROSOFT MARKETPLACE, ORBX DIRECT & REAL FLIGHT SHOP)

Do you provide free updates on the products?

  • Our products are updated in a monthly iteration (month 1 – product A, month 2 – product B and so on). Please keep in mind that update schedules are not fixed and always fluid due to some unforeseen circumstances and unexpected change in priorities especially reasons that heavily influenced by public demand. But we are committed in keeping our products up-to-date in critical aspects. Updates may include bug fixes & improvements. The updates are always & forever FREE to existing customers. You will be notified from the store you bought it if ever any updates are available.

Please only download using information provided in this website and or from our Facebook official page.