Freeware Backers

We would like to thank our supporters for our freeware products. 

Your support is really a big help for our future developments.
Thank You so much!! Much love from Philippines/Singapore <3


Jeramel Enriquez Jr
Syberen Mulder
David Neely
Richard Dale
Nick Bond (2x Donated)
Dieter Swada
Brian Schaadt
Robert Hicks
Hasko Heinecke
Beau De Lauw
Olaf Teiser
Thomas Leuzinger
Joe Lascola
Patrick Fuge


  • Edilclyde Jan Belmonte
  • Gomez Askelon
  • Eddie Eubanks
  • Robert Jones
  • Miroslav Hajek
  • Dieter Feuss
  • Francis Kenneth Barrina
  • Daryl Jerabek
  • Alan Marasigan
  • 秀雄 井下
  • Jamie Simons
  • Daniel Ranario
  • Emilio Melchor
  • Odilon Villarba
  • Bruce Niven Alzona
  • Horst Schlichting
  • Ronald Stevens
  • Jonathan Rone
  • KamrulArifin
  • Mark Adjo Camus
  • Mariantonietta Zeppetella Del Sesto
  • Christopher John Torres
  • David Katague
  • Beau De Lauw
  • Robert Hicks
  • Brian Schaadt
  • David Neely
  • Syberen Mulder

  • Olaf Teiser (2x Donated)
  • Thomas Leuzinger (2x Donated)
  • Nick Bond (2x Donated)
  • Jonathan Navarette David
  • Maverick Oandasan Manalang
  • Thomas Peters
  • Paolo Pababi de Castro
  • Paolo Grifantini
  • Jas Jesse Mondoñedo Fortaleza (TOGA Gaming)
  • Jeorge Anthony Go
  • Theodorique Zidzou
  • Sean Emmanuel Corona
  • Laurence Calija
  • Edward Lupena
  • Cmsorey_gaming (ITflyguy)
  • Stevie Trin
  • Kyle Philip Villanoza
  • Peter Ward
  • Esau Pagan
  • Thorsten Itter
  • 승훈 이
  • John Jamison
  • 国兴 徐
  • Mon-Chito Paga
  • Jaime Cesar Bocaling
  • Patrick Fuge
  • Joe Lascola
  • Hasko Heinecke
  • Richard Dale
  • Jeramel Enriquez J

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