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Hello everyone! We’ve been very busy working on our upcoming donationware scenery. We don’t have any ETA yet as there are many things still need to be worked on. But this scenery will have these plan features:

  • Full Custom hand placed Objects, Facades, Autogen & Vegetation
  • HD structures covering main parts of Metro Manila (Makati, Taguig, Pasay, and more..)
  • Extremely detailed, custom realistic ground textures on airport runways and aprons that resembles the exact status of the airport.
  • PBR ground textures and some selected structures
  • High Resolution, Hand corrected satellite Imagery covering 12266.33 km²
  • Photo realistic texturing and ambient occlusion texture baking on some structures
  • Accurate 3D Modeled 4 Terminal buildings (where data is available)
  • Custom static aircraft on off areas (Not on airport RAMP starts for best online flying experience)
  • Fully implemented ground routes (Means 3rd party traffic are fully supported like WT3, Live Traffic, etc.)
  • Custom HDR Lighting on all RAMP stands
  • Animated Jetways using (Autogate by Marginal)
  • FPS Friendly & Optimized
  • Custom Roads
  • Over 100+ Accurate buildings and height (where data is available)

It is still on early stage and we are still working on it. I apologize for delay as i am also busy on my work. Some things are still yet to be work on like ground markings, night textures and lighting, missing POI’s, Ramp Equipment and more. Anyhow, here is some work in progress screenshots for you to enjoy!