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RPLL Ninoy Aquino International Airport Updated to version 1.1

This version includes the following update:

  • Floating light panel at T3 Bay 112
  • New wall paint update in Duty Free building near runway 06 to reflect real life changes
  • Added jetway advertisements
  • Added more GA respawn points
  • Added taxiway sign & name on H5 new holdshort
  • Fixed ILS for runway 06
  • Change gates to RAMP for remote parkings to activate air stairs
  • Close Runway 31 for Arrivals
  • Add the missing parking and jetway in terminal 1 (GATE 1)
  • Fix white border on T3 Windows

Updated version should be available very soon on the stores you bought it. As for the Microsoft Marketplace, it will be later part as usual. Have a great day & happy flying!