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Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing good. We’ve just updated RPLL for MSFS to version 1.2 .. This update are fixes and improvement to the current product. Special thanks to @Nardz for providing key points for this update. See Change log below.

Version 1.2 Change logs:

  • Attempt Fix for ILS runway 06/24
  • Added GATE_HEAVY for wide body planesfor gates 107-116 in T3
  • Fixed GATE tagged as PARKING/RAMP
  • Removed unnecessary short hold points in rwy 06 causing AI not to take off
  • Removed unnecessary taxi points causing AI traffic to be confused when taxiing near Balabag area
  • ILS Approach lights type changed from ALSF2 to ALSF1
  • Changed Glideslope to 3.01° on ILS 06 and 3.06° on ILS 24 as shown in the charts
  • Removed vegetation covering the approach lights in RWY24
  • Added fence near runway 24
  • Fixed pink textures caused by recent MSFS update

Known Issues:

During our testing, different aircrafts yields different behavior with ILS (Glideslope and Localizer). We are still investigating this weird behavior.

Please download the latest version from the store you bought it. For Microsoft Marketplace customers, update will be a bit late to appear due to its marketplace process.For any Issues, please email us or open a ticket on our discord. For old tickets that we aren’t able to respond, we have been out for a few months and we just got back in business. Please re-open any issues and we’ll try our best to get back to you.

What are we currently Working on?

– We are continuing the work now with Mega Manila Scenery. Thank you very much for your patience! Happy Flying!