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WSSS Singapore Changi for MSFS has been updated to version 1.1

This version includes the following updates:

  • Added newly opened runway 02R/20L
  • Added missing taxi edge lights
  • Improve ground textures
  • Fix some minor bugs, etc.
  • Added taxiways and signs for the new runway
  • Improve military plane 3D model & texturing

Known Issues:

  • If you are using navigraph, the STAR issue still exist. This is a SIM limitation. The problem is that even though we’ve added the new runway on the scenery level, under the hood, the sim still have the runway 02R/20L belongs to WSAC. Until asobo updates this, we still cannot do anything on it. The workaround is to manually input the points on the MCDU. More info here ..But if you are not using navigraph, you should be fine.
  • We are lacking some data from the WSAC Military airbase. One primary reason is the area is heavily restricted to public access. So visuals on the area are based on satellite imagery only. Best it can get for now.

Updated version should be available very soon on the stores you bought it. As for the Microsoft Marketplace, it will be later part as usual. Have a great day & happy flying!