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Mactan Cebu International Aiport Coming Soon!

Hi asia flyers and captains! I just want to announce that RPVM known as Mactan-Cebu International Airport is in active development. This airport is the second busiest airport in Philippines which serves around 12 Million passengers per year. It just opened also its terminal 2! Early previews can be seen below or in my facebook page. If you want to follow more about this development, please like our facebook page! Here are some of its features (current and planned)

  • PBR Textures to selected structures around airport
  • Hand corrected Photoreal Scenery to blend nicely with x-plane ground textures
  • Photoreal texturing
  • Custom HDR lighting on the airport area
  • Hundred of custom objects, autogen and major landmarks of Mactan Cebu
  • FPS friendly & optimized
  • Animated Jetways using (Autogate by Marginal)
  • Full custom objects to have the Philippine ambiance
  • World Traffic 3 / LiveTraffic ready (Taxi routes implemented)\
  • Custom Autogen, Facades & Vegetation

It is still in very early stage. Few screenshots attached, if you want tp see more, please visit and like our FB page

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